Micromicon Media
Green Fingers

Can you keep weeds under control and still grow fantastic blooms?

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Star Cats

Ten learning experiences currently available in Star Cats

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  • Tiled
  • Match tile patterns against the clock!

Tiled is a game about making shapes using colours and tiles.

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  • Numer8
  • Test your skill with Numer8

Numer8 challenges you to clear the board by changing numbers to the target.

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Big Baking Quiz

Do you know your fondant from your frosting?

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  • Bored
  • Mini-games to test your skills and reflexes.

Play Fastest Finger, Inflater, Boat Lanes, and Five Star and put your skills to the test.

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Number Bonds 123

Practice number bond pairs with Starcat Cadets DJ and Jelly.

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First Aid Quiz

When accidents happen it is best to be prepared.

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Whats Different

It's spot the difference with a Star Cats twist!

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  • Ambiente
  • Relax and enjoy the sound of Ambiente.

Over two hours of sound available across a range of ambient environments.

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Odd Spotting

An odd one out puzzle game for kids of all ages.

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Blim Blam

Make a blim, avoid a blam, earn bonus for blim-blam

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Grammar Quiz

Test your knowledge of UK Grammar

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